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Affiliate is a referral program where you can earn referral fees by promoting our products/services and referring your users to us. You will earn commissions each time a user visits us through your affiliate referral link and makes a purchase

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Product/service Commission Price
Shared Hosting
Shared 1 10% $1.00/year
Shared 2 10% $2.00/month
Shared 3 10% $3.00/year
Reseller Hosting
Reseller 1 10% $5.00/month
Reseller 2 10% $10.00/month
Reseller 3 10% $15.00/year
Reseller 4 10% $20.00/month
Reseller 5 10% $25.00/year
Reseller 6 10% $40.00/month
VPS Hosting
VPS 1 10% $25.00/month
VPS 2 10% $40.00/year
Dedicated Servers
Dedicated 1 10% $50.00/month
Dedicated 2 10% $100.00/month
Dedicated 3 10% $200.00/year
Dedicated 4 10% $250.00/month
Dedicated 5 10% $400.00/year
Cloud Hosting
Cloud 1 10% $20.00/month
Cloud 2 10% $30.00/month
Cloud 3 10% $40.00/year
Cloud 4 10% $49.00/month
Game Servers
Call Of Duty 4 10% $1.99/month
Battlefield 3 10% $2.99/month
Counter Strike 1.6 10% $3.99/month

Why become a affiliate?

Realtime reports & statistics

Realtime reports & statistics

We tracks and reports the most up to date and real time information on affiliate, banner, and external advertising performance.

Reliable & Fast Affiliate Payout

Reliable & Fast Affiliate Payout

Request payout at anytime once you reach the minimum payout of $25, Payments are made via PayPal or check.

Affiliates  resources Instant access

Affiliates resources Instant access

Join today and You can view quick statistics, see the most recent affiliate who referred you a click or a sale, and see full featured reports and all of our marketing resources.

Our affiliate program is free to join

free affiliate program

Our affiliate program is free to join for anyone.


How to join

affiliate program register Click on the join free button at the top of this page.
affiliate program join Once logged-in a Clients Portal, Affiliate Menu will appear."
affiliate program activate Click the "Activate Affiliate Account" to activate your affiliate account.
affiliate program link Now, you are able to see your unique referral link, commissions, banners.